As mentioned on the First steps on PinkForex section, to activate alternative deposit methods, you would need to complete the document verification (KYC) procedure. 

If the below procedure is not completed, you will only be able to deposit via Bitcoin.

Please ensure that before starting the below procedure, you have the following documents handy.

  1. A valid in-date government-issued Identity document.

  2. A proof of address document that has been issued within the past 3 months (90 days).

  3. You would also need to have a webcam attached to your desktop/laptop or a camera on your mobile/tablet device due to the fact that you would need to take a live selfie photo.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to complete the document verification (KYC) process.

Please ensure that you do not have a VPN on when going through this process.

Tap KYC Verification.

Tap Start my KYC.

Choose your country of residence.

    Please make sure you choose the correct country of residence.

Now, you would need to agree to our Terms and Conditions, then click the Next button.

Choose the type of ID document you will be uploading.

Please ensure that you choose the correct country of issue and the document selection may vary depending on the country you choose.

Upload the front of your ID document first, then you will need to upload the back.

Click on Next once done.

Lastly, you would need to take a live selfie photo. If its the first time you are going through this process with this document verification provider, your browser would ask you for permission. You would need to click on yes then click on I'm ready when you are ready to take the photo.

Once you have completed the above, the following screen will pop up asking you to confirm that everything you have done is correct. If all is correct, click on Next.

Please refrain from closing the browser window or turning your device off while the system is checking your documents.

Your documents are currently being reviewed and to see any updates regarding your documents, you would need to go to the KYC Verification tab on your PinkForex account.

If your document have been approved you will see the status on the KYC Verification page as KYC Approved

We are available 24/7 via Live Chat/email if you need any assistance with your account or any other query that may arise.